2021 Prohibition Repeal Poster

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The 2021 Summit Brewing Co. Repeal Day Poster

Every year since 2009
, Summit Brewing Co. has recognized the Repeal of Prohibition by partnering with a Minnesota artist to produce a limited-edition, commemorative screen-print poster. In 2021, to mark the date's 88th anniversary, we teamed up with illustrator Jill Kittock. Kittock is a Minneapolis-based illustrator and artist with a background in graphic design and art history. Her work is usually character-driven and inlaid with symbolism to invoke mood, humor and nostalgia. When creating this year’s Repeal Day poster, Kittock was inspired by – what else – the pandemic. When thinking about how the pandemic affected the craft beer and hospitality industries, as well as society’s consumption of beer, she began by drawing lone people drinking. But, as she drew, she knew she wanted to use this opportunity to invoke some hope as well. As things slowly start to recover, Kittock wanted to show that just like prohibition, the pandemic will not be forever. She ended with a drawing of a fierce woman sporting tattoos proclaiming her love of beer to show that just like ink, craft beer is permanent. Each poster is numbered and hand signed by the artist.
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